Helping build a more vibrant South Bend through South Bend Common Council At-Large
Let's make South Bend a place where we all can thrive.
It’s an exciting time to live and work in South Bend, and it’s a defining moment for our city.
As a first-time candidate for public office, I want to bring fresh perspective to the Council and a new face to the St. Joseph County Democratic Party. Once elected, I will contribute my energy to building a vibrant, welcoming city that offers opportunities for everyone.
I believe in our city and in ourselves. I’m seeking your support because together we can make South Bend a place where everyone can thrive.
Rachel Tomas Morgan
Candidate for South Bend Common Council At-Large
With visionary leadership and economic investment, we can build upon South Bend’s momentum, continuing the city’s resurgence and creating new opportunities for all.
To maintain our forward movement, we must attract new businesses, youth, and talent while providing opportunities for our children and their children to stay or return.
To make South Bend more socially just and economically inclusive, city leaders must listen.
The policies of city government should reflect community members’ priorities from across South Bend. Citizens should have agency to determine how these policies can best support and enhance their neighborhoods and their lives.
A public servant serves the public best when her service is efficient, transparent, and collaborative. This requires data-driven, evidence-based approaches to decision-making, and a sustained commitment to seeking input from all stakeholders and building a relationship between the Council and the Mayor’s Office based on mutual respect and collaboration for the benefit of the community.

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